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Kentucky Equal Justice Center

I'm really excited for the Good Giving Challenge this year because it is my first opportunity as Kentucky Equal Justice Center's Senior Litigation and Advocacy Counsel to invite you to support KEJC's important work across the Commonwealth by donating cash money to the organization. Whether you're:
* outraged by heated, bigoted, xenophobic rhetoric and want to support the immigration work our advocates do at the Maxwell Street Legal Clinic, or
* concerned about the growing inequality in wages and wealth and want to support our workers' rights work, or
* inspired by KEJC's victory earlier this summer when a federal judge stopped the Bevin administration from introducing needless and harmful reporting requirements into Kentucky's Medicaid program and want to support our effort to keep Kentuckians from having to jump over hurdles and through hoops to access medical care, or
* mad that big businesses, landlords, and debt collectors seem to do whatever they want with no ramifications,
the money you donate to KEJC goes to supporting this work. It pays for impact litigation, lobbying in Frankfort on behalf of Kentucky's most vulnerable and marginalized people, and advocacy in communities cross Kentucky.

There's so much work to do and your money helps us do that work and continue to build an organization that can ensure our justice system works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.

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Thanks for making my first Good Giving effort a success!

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Goal: $5,000.00
Raised: $5,304.00