Lady Veterans Connect Inc

LVC provides a transitional housing program for homeless women veterans where they can live for one year while receiving programs and counseling for healing and becoming productive citizens again.

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Address: P. O. Box 34033
Lexington, KY 40588
Phone Number: 859-806-4297
Through our transitional housing program we have provided housing and programs for women in the home in Lexington since it opened July 1, 2016. The ladies that have completed the program are now living independent lives, have restored relationships with their families, and are financially stable.

We advocate on behalf of all women veterans to provide them with resources and connections.

We are a My VA Community that bridges the gap between veterans and resources that are available to them in the 43 counties served by the Lexington VA.
Volunteers are needed in completing the renovations at the Trapp School, including painting, removing brush from playground area, caulking windows, picking up donated furniture, and delivering furniture to any veteran who has moved into housing. We need help with planning fundraisers and grant writing. Volunteers are needed to process donations, and to assist with office duties.

We have an ongoing need for furniture, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, household items, and medical supplies.