KY Refugee Ministries/Lexington

KRM provides resettlement services to refugees admitted through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. In 2018, we hope to welcome ~240 newcomers, and will continue serving hundreds of already-arrived families. Efforts are aimed toward self-sufficiency and successful integration into the community. Recent arrivals originated from DR Congo, Ukraine, Bhutan, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We proudly serve clients regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation.

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Address: 1710 Alexandria Dr Suite 2
Lexington, KY 40504
Matching Fund Source: Marksbury Family Foundation
Phone Number: 859-226-5661
Fax: 859-226-9631
The word "refugee" evokes images of bedraggled victims in dusty camps or desperate migrants journeying on foot or by boat. Sadly, there is some truth to these associations, with the conditions and humanitarian support for the world's 21 million refugees-half of whom are children-deteriorating markedly. However, KRM's work shows refugees in an entirely different context: the transformative experience of resettlement. After arrival in Lexington, the refugees KRM serves are immersed in a new environment of challenges and opportunities. The adjustment curve is steep. The timeframe to become self-sufficient is short. Sorrowful memories still haunt. But with the encouragement of KRM staff and community partners, those who have been persecuted and forced to flee are able to rebuild their lives in Kentucky-to find a sense of belonging, a place they and their children can call home. KRM's resettlement work is comprehensive, and generates a larger beneficial community impact, both socially and economically. But our staff's focus remains the individual care of each refugee family we pick up at the airport. We could not do it without you. It is the compassionate involvement of community volunteers, donors, advocates and supporters that creates the spirit of welcome KRM aspires to as an organization.
KRM relies on volunteer support to ensure not only a warm welcome for new arrivals, but also to help ensure that families who arrived within the last few years continue to feel welcomed and supported in their resettlement process. Volunteers and groups can help families already living in Lexington with including community orientation, English tutoring, employment mentoring, Family Fun Nights (game nights), or even just sharing a meal and talking together. We also need in-office volunteers to assist with case management, office administration, assisting instructors in the classroom, special events, etc. When new families arrive, we rely on volunteer groups to help collect donated furniture and household items and to set up an apartment for the new family. Volunteers may also host a talk or a film screening about refugees, to help spread understanding within the broader community. If you would like to organize a screening or talk for your group (school, church, club, community, etc) KRM may be able to send a speaker (staff member or former refugee).

In-kind needs are constant, and include hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, deodorant, pads, shampoo, etc), household cleaning supplies, diapers and other baby essentials, winter coats, and gift cards for purchasing food or household items. All of these items help families get and stay on their feet as they are establishing their lives here, looking for employment, and settling. Used furniture and household items in good condition are also welcome, especially of the donor can transport to our storage facility! We warmly welcome donated cars in working condition, and will provide such donations to refugees who can benefit from a vehicle, particularly so that they can obtain (and maintain) employment.

Contact us for more info if you would like to volunteer, donate, or host a donation drive.