Hope Spay Neuter Clinic

The mission of the HOPE Spay Neuter Clinic is to end the overpopulation and unnecessary euthanasia of companion animals through high quality, high volume, low cost spay neuter services, education and community involvement. Since opening in 2010 we have performed almost 16,000 surgeries on animals from 70 Kentucky counties putting a huge dent in the high euthanasia rates across the state.

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Address: PO Box 23
Versailles, KY 40383
Website: http://hopespayneuter.org
Email: hopespayneuterclinic@gmail.com
Phone Number: 859-873-4673
We are a group of volunteers who care very much about animals. Our shared concern for the exploding animal overpopulation inspired us to open our doors. In addition to providing low cost Spay/Neuter services to owned cats and dogs, we conduct Trap Neuter and Return services for feral cats also. Community education and involvement are also essential components of our efforts, and are key to our success. As little as $35 can prevent 12-14 potential births from a single unspayed cat or dog this year. In Kentucky alone, 245,000 healthy animals are euthanized each year because they are homeless.

Realizing that lower income people and caretakers of feral cats often understand the importance of spaying and neutering the animals in their care but do not always have the financial capacity to do so, we initially established two funds, the Oliver Rugby Fund and the Wildcat Fund to provide financial assistance to this population. Because most of the dogs awaiting forever homes at animal care facilities are pit bulls and pit bull mixes, our clinic added an additional fund, the For Pitties' Sake Fund, to provide free surgeries for this specific breed.
Other than our vet and vet tech, everyone at HOPE is a volunteer. If you love detail, you might enjoy working in the front office checking animals in for the day, making appointments, filling out rabies certificates or answering the phone. If you are a cat lover, you could work in our cat recovery room. If you are partial to dogs, maybe the dog recovery room is your nitch. If you love action, you are welcome to work in the surgery room. We can train you to prep animals, sterilize instruments or monitor dogs and cats. The laundry tends to pile up throughout the day, so if you prefer a more relaxing job, maybe the laundry room beckons. If you love animals, we have a place for you!

If you prefer to make in-kind donations we always need postage stamps, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, copy paper, laundry detergent, bleach, pee pads, paper plates and napkins and Tuesday lunches for our volunteers.