Friends of Hemp

Friends of Hemp is growing the U.S. agricultural hemp industry through education and opportunity. We focus on building market demand which directly benefits the American farmer. We collaborate with local and national organizations to enhance market development of the re-emerging hemp industry.

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Address: 4274 Colby Road
Winchester, KY 40391
Matching Fund Source: Clark County
Phone Number: 859-229-6427
We are an essential piece of the growing agricultural hemp industry because we are the only non-profit dedicated to building market demand.

Hemp has outstanding health benefits that are less known to consumers because of regulatory limitations over the past eighty years. But now, thanks to Kentucky Senate Marjority Mitch McConnell and Senator Rand Paul alongside Congressman Comer, Congressman Massie and Commissioner Quarles, hemp's regulatory chains have broken and Kentucky is positioned at the forefront of the new American economy. Kentucky's state leaders are Friends of Hemp and we want you to be a Friend of Hemp too by supporting the cause!

By becoming a Friend of Hemp you are supporting programs like our Hemp Feed Coalition, Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off, Hemp Tap Takeover and Farmer Seminars. These programs expand and enhance consumer awareness and in turn demand for the crop. In addition, our Farmer Seminars have helped improve access to education for producers. This directly benefits farmers is Kentucky and beyond!

We are a young, volunteer-based organization, but, like the hemp industry, we are fast-growing! Our Hemp Feed Coalition is investing in research to approve hemp as an animal feed, which will be a tremendous benefit that will open a massive market to farmers and food. In addition our Farmer Seminars directly support improving access to hemp farming techniques and other associated information. We continue to focus on opening markets and building demand - especially with our Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off, which provides access for chefs to compete in a head-to-head cook-off competition using healthy hemp ingredients as well as providing breweries with an opportunity to showcase deliciously brewed hemp to the community. Because if we don't demand the hemp products, there is no point in growing them!

You can become a Friend of Hemp today by donating to our cause. Your donation directly supports a re-emerging agricultural economy!
Since we are a volunteer-based organization, we are always looking for volunteers to help organize and implement our programs!

We are also seeking in-kind or collaborative advertising/marketing and experienced educators to help build core content.

Follow us on social media and help us spread awareness about the benefits and opportunity of hemp!