Friends of Hemp

Friends of Hemp is growing the U.S. industrial hemp industry through education and opportunity. We are improving access to education, producer grants and small-business grants. Formerly Kentucky Hemp Research Foundation, we collaborate with local and national organizations to enhance market development of the re-emerging hemp industry.

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Address: 4274 Colby Road
Winchester, KY 40391
Matching Fund Source: Clark County
Phone Number: 859-229-6427
We are an essential piece of the growing industrial hemp industry because we are the only non-profit dedicated to building market demand through education. As the industry grows, education is necessary to continue to reverse hemp's stigma and build sustainable demand.

Industrial hemp has outstanding health benefits that are less known to consumers because of regulatory limitations over the past eighty years. As Kentucky and other states legalize hemp and build the supply chain for a new agricultural commodity, Friends of Hemp exists to educate the community and improve access to funding to support farmers, entrepreneurs and the growing industry.

Our programs, like our Local Hemp Foods Cook-Off and Writing Competitions, have helped enhance consumer awareness and in turn demand for the crop. In addition, our Farmer Seminars have helped improve access to education for producers. This directly benefits farmers is Kentucky and beyond!

We are a young, volunteer-based organization, but, like the hemp industry, we are fast-growing! Over half of our funding raised to date has been from individuals. This year we partnered with Crave Food + Music Festival to host our second-annual Local Hemp Foods Cook-Of. We showcased the benefits of hemp foods to 20,000 Kentuckians and local chefs. This program has been highly successful as we work with these restaurants to incorporate hemp into their menus, so that hemp can be normalized as a health food in the eyes of the public.

This year we also collaborated with the Carnegie Center to host a Student Writing Competition. This allowed students to learn about hemp and in turn teach their family and friends. To build on our student outreach, our next goal is to build Core Content for classrooms so teachers can educate students on the subject.

Earlier this year, we hosted three Farmer Seminars to help producers understand the Hemp Pilot Program Application, markets, agronomic practices and more. Because of donations, we were able to make these seminars free for producers. We had a sold-out crowd of over 80 attendees at each seminar with individuals traveling as far as Pennsylvania to attend.

In June of 2017, we worked with NoLi CDC to build Kentucky's first hempcrete house using Kentucky-grown hemp. We collaborated by hosting a hempcrete workshop. We taught 20+ patrons how to install the insulation material and also raised funding to install metering in the home. This metering will provide fundamental data that will determine the energy efficiency of the insulation material, which will improve market development for a by-product.

You can become a Friend of Hemp today by donating to our cause. Your donation directly supports a re-emerging agricultural industry where Kentucky is at the forefront.
Since we are a volunteer-based organization, we are always looking for volunteers to help organize and implement our programs!

We are also seeking in-kind or collaborative advertising/marketing and experienced educators to help build core content.

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