FoodChain forges links between community and fresh food with education and demonstration of sustainable food systems. We operate an indoor aquaponic farm, teaching visitors how greens and fish grow together. With our new Teaching and Processing Kitchen, we host youth cooking classes and monthly community meals, incorporating local produce. The Kitchen also allows us to impact farms by buying ingredients while increasing access to nutritious, convenient, and affordable food for our neighbors!

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Address: 501 W. Sixth St. Suite 105
Lexington, KY 40508
Phone Number: 859-438-8380
We help people re-imagine their relationship with fresh ingredients - from growing them, cooking them, sharing them, eating them, and even getting a job utilizing them! Education is our primary focus, and we help youth and families gain better understanding around fresh ingredients, better life skills, health, and community connections.
We need help with educational outreach, including youth cooking classes, leading tours through our farm, and helping with community outreach.