Primate Rescue Center Inc.

Apes and monkeys have been used as lab subjects, entertainment animals, and even been unsuccessfully tried as household pets for decades. As a result, many apes and monkeys have suffered emotional and physical traumas and need our help! Fortunately, our sanctuary provides a supportive, quiet safe haven for these wonderful animals for the rest of their lives. We care for nearly fifty primates, including 9 chimpanzees and 38 monkeys and lesser apes.

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Address: 2515 Bethel Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Phone Number: 859-858-4866
Fax: 859-858-0044
We help individuals like Jenny, a chimpanzee who was rescued from a laboratory in New York in 1996 after being taken from her mother shortly after birth and raised by humans in a nursery. Jenny, along with many other chimpanzees, was slotted for transfer to another biomedical research laboratory notorious for countless animal welfare violations. The Primate Rescue Center made a commitment to rescue and provide 7 young chimpanzees with lifetime care at the sanctuary.

Most of the primates have traumatic pasts, and we have evolved a distinguished rehabilitation and recovery process in order to give them a second change at life. The Primate Rescue Center is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization that receives no funding from the federal government or the state of Kentucky. We rely on the donations of passionate, caring individuals to sustain the medical, intellectual, psychological and biological needs of the residents.
We need off-Site volunteers to create enrichment items for the residents.

We need unsalted nuts in shell, sunflower seeds, plastic playground toys, baby toys (no batteries), paper lawn bags, contractor or packing paper, and large barrels.