Partners In Education of Clark County

Our mission is to enhance the quality of instructional services provided to students through the use of school volunteers and business partners. We currently have 26 partners with a total of 170 volunteers serving over 2500 students in the Clark County School System and are always striving for more.

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Address: 1600 West Lexington Ave
Winchester, KY 40391
Matching Fund Source: Clark County Community Foundation
Phone Number: 859-745-8840
We are unique - no other program with our mission in our community. Our program has made a significant contribution to lowering the drop out rate to less than 1% (from 8% in 2003) and helping the school district achieve a distinguished rating. We offer opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals to be involved in various ways with our students and staff, thus providing human and fiscal resources to our schools and students. We partner with the Kiwanis Club for BUG (Bringing Up Grades) for 3rd graders providing encouragement to over 400 students. With one of our programs Experts for Education, we coordinate for guest volunteers who speak to classes about their occupation or hobby about which they are passionate. This may inspire students to seek out certain career paths. Our newest program is BAM, which stands for Be A Man. We have 25 men who spend 1 hour/month in 2 different schools reading to boys and sharing their passions with them.
We need more volunteers to mentor-tutor students of all grade levels. A $50 donation will allow us to recruit and train 2 new volunteers or to purchase 10 news books for our Bucks for Books program.