Lexington Leadership Foundation

Lexington Leadership Foundation believes that how we engage people and challenges will impact the future success and cohesiveness of Lexington. LLF sees the city, especially urban neighborhoods as places of promise and possibility, opportunity and faith, rather than risk and uncertainty. With leadership at its core, we are fueled by three strategic functions- engaging people of faith and good will, building capacity of others and developing joint initiatives.

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Address: P.O. Box 54642
Lexington, KY 40555
Website: http://lexlf.org
Matching Fund Source: Grant
Email: dmazza@lexlf.org
Phone Number: 859-277-3087
Since our inception in 1999 our core services and programming have focused on addressing the issues urban youth and families face. We have four distinct initiatives at LLF. They are Urban Impact, Amachi The Fatherhood Initiative and The Prayer Room.

Urban Impact, which includes the brand new Woodhill Community center serves over 2,000 children and youth and families annually. This citywide urban youth development strategy engages multiple partners (including schools, churches, government and the marketplace), so that children and youth are equipped to be leaders in their neighborhoods and an asset to their families and communities.

Amachi is a one to one mentoring program that seeks to assist children affected by incarceration in achieving their highest potential by engaging them in consistent and committed mentoring relationships. Amachi starts with the belief that youth are filled with untapped potential and that mentors are crucial in helping unlock the treasures which these youth possess. Currently over 140 mentors meet with their mentees at least an hour a week participating in a variety of positive, goal driven activities.

The Fatherhood Initiative seeks to address the trauma that father absence has on children, families and communities by increasing the number of engaged fathers and men. Through a collective impact model, the Fatherhood Initiative educates fathers and communities on responsible fatherhood practices, healthy relationships, and economic stability among families.

The Prayer Room mission is to foster intimacy with Jesus and mobilize intercessory worship throughout the Body of Christ in Lexington, in the love and power of the Holy Spirit. Over the last three years, people from over 40 congregations have gathered on a weekly basis to enjoy the Lord through prayer and worship. Times and opportunities to utilize the prayer room can be would on our website at: https://www.lexlf.org/the-prayer-room
Lexington Leadership Foundation consistently engages with over 500 volunteers. We are always looking for more. The best way to find out how you can help is to contact us. You can do so by visiting: www.lexlf.org/volunteer or by emailing us at volunteer@lexlf.org.

LLF from time to time has needs for books, sports equipment, snack foods etc. The best way to inquiry about upcoming opportunities is to call us at 859-277-3087.