Josephine Sculpture Park

JSP features a rotating exhibit of 70 artworks on 30 acres of reclaimed farmland; providing creative experiences while conserving the beauty of Kentucky's rural landscape. We support the arts and expression and engage our community through hands-on exhibitions, tours, experiential festivals, conservation walks, theatrical productions, field trips, workshops and more.

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Address: 3355 Lawrenceburg Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601
Matching Fund Source: match pool
Phone Number: 502-352-7082
We are free and open 365 days per year, providing accessible opportunities for thousands of families to explore contemporary art and nature in central KY, while supporting over 100 artists across disciplines through exhibitions, residencies and community workshops annually.

YOUR DONATIONS WILL BE DOUBLED thanks to these generous supporters: Joel Dufour and Chris Schimmoeller, Friends of JSP, Harrod Concrete, Kentucky Employees Credit Union, and several anonymous donors!

Your donation supports:
• FREE hands on workshops in a variety of media including wood sculpture, ceramics, found object assemblage, interdisciplinary exploration, printmaking and more!
• Opportunities for youth to learn from professional artists from across the globe to explore many different art making techniques, methods and materials.
• Experiential learning through self expression, problem solving and the arts.

Our HISTORY, and our FUTURE:
Big plans are afoot at Josephine Sculpture Park. As we enter our tenth year of combining art, education and nature, we continue to fulfill our mission of preserving Kentucky's rural native landscape by adding ten acres to the park! Plans also include expanded education programs, additional staff, and renovation of a tobacco barn for new learning activities, exhibition space and events.

Though most sculpture parks are urban, JSP is the only sculpture park in Kentucky and has an intrinsic relationship between our rural community and art. It features more than sixty changing exhibits created by local, national and international sculptors, installed along walking paths throughout the park. A museum without walls, not only do visitors experience artwork on exhibit in nature, they get to see and be part of the creation and installation of the work as well. Every work on exhibit is hands-on and three are actually designed and intended to be climbed upon. And because most works at the park are on temporary exhibition, on any given day you may see new sculptures or murals being installed, or created by artists in residence.

Now a thirty acre park, JSP offers a unique environment that welcomes over 20,000 visitors annually and encourages them to observe, interact and create. The park is free and open to the public 365 days a year from dawn to dusk for all to experience and explore. A nonprofit, JSP collaborates with city and county governments, other arts, education, community service and environmental nonprofits, granting institutions, local businesses, individual artists and volunteers.

JSP Director, Melanie VanHouten, grew up on this farm which belonged to her grandmother, Josephine, for whom the park is named. After earning a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Minnesota, Melanie returned to Kentucky with a vision and founded JSP in 2009. Art and Beverly VanHouten, Melanie's parents, have had a tremendous impact on the evolution of the park by donating use of the initial twenty acres for the past ten years. "We started this park with big dreams, says VanHouten. Thanks to my parents, we had this beautiful, unspoiled land to begin the dream. It was their generosity and belief in me that has made JSP possible. We believe that art is for everyone and preserving this land as natural green space for future generations is important. We are working on an innovative form of development here, one that has a focus on creating and sharing green spaces and artistic experiences. A place like JSP draws visitors from around the world and is part of what makes Franklin County an interesting place to be, learn about art, and make memories."

I sincerely THANK YOU for your support,

Melanie VanHouten
Founder and Director of JSP
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