Josephine Sculpture Park

JSP features a rotating exhibit of 50 artworks on 20 acres of reclaimed farmland; providing creative experiences while conserving the beauty of Kentucky's rural landscape. We support the arts and expression and engage our community through hands-on exhibitions, tours, experiential festivals, conservation walks, theatrical productions, field trips, workshops and more.

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Address: 3355 Lawrenceburg Rd
Frankfort, KY 40601
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Phone Number: 502-352-7082
We are free and open 365 days per year, providing accessible opportunities for hundreds of families to explore contemporary art and nature in central KY, while supporting over 100 artists across disciplines through exhibitions, residencies and community workshops annually. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO TO LEARN MORE:

YOUR DONATIONS WILL BE DOUBLED thanks to these generous supporters: Joel Dufour and Chris Schimmoeller, Friends of JSP, Harrod Concrete, Kentucky Employees Credit Union, Richard Rosen and Anna Marie Pavlik, and several anonymous friends!

Your donation this week supports:
• FREE hands on workshops in a variety of media including wood sculpture, ceramics, found object assemblage, interdisciplinary exploration, printmaking and more!
• Opportunities for youth to learn from professional artists from across the globe to explore many different art making techniques, methods and materials.
• Experiential learning through self expression, problem solving and the arts.

AND you'll help us win a $5000 endowment award from Bluegrass Community Foundation through the GoodGiving Guide Challenge, which will enable our programming to grow for years to come!

Josephine Sculpture Park opened in 2009 on 20 acres of reclaimed farmland in Franklin Co., KY. The history of Josephine Sculpture Park goes way back, even though the park didn't open to the public until Sep. 27, 2009. How can that be? Well, I grew up on this farm; it belonged to my grandparents and I spent days on end exploring these sheds, running the fields and fishin' in the old ponds. I have always been inspired by this place, and I have always made art out here, only as a kid I didn't know it as art, I knew it as play. This farm was magical and my imagination grew alongside my creativity, my curiosity and my connection to and respect of the land and all that grows from it. My grandmother, for whom the park is named was one of my biggest fans. She encouraged me to believe in myself and to follow my dreams, and from the very first notion of this park's existence, we wanted to honor her and for this park to be her legacy. We hope that JSP will continue to be a fantastical place that encourages kids of all ages to believe in and follow their dreams; we hope they dream big and that they grow up and make our world a better place. JSP is free and open every day from dawn until dusk! It is visible from US HWY 127 South, but the actual park entrance is at 3355 Lawrenceburg Rd. between the Capital Bowl and the Stewart Home School. Hope to see you soon!

I sincerely THANK YOU for your support,

Melanie VanHouten
Founder and Director of JSP
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