Allegro Dance Project

Our Inclusive Dance Outreach Program provides dance training and performance opportunities for children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other specific needs, on site at Lexington area schools.

Our Contemporary Dance Company awards apprenticeships and paid contracts to talented dancers for exciting performance events at the Lyric Theatre each season, featuring live original music and a thrilling variety of aerial and circus acts.

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Address: 315 Sierra Drive
Lexington , KY 40505
Phone Number: 715-252-6137
Our mission is to educate, entertain and inspire new audiences by sharing the art of dance through our contemporary dance company and through our outreach program, serving children with special needs. WE MOVE TO MOVE YOU!

Our Inclusive Dance Outreach Program provides children with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other specific needs the chance to experience the many benefits the art of dance has to offer. Dance increases flexibility, agility, coordination and spatial awareness. At the same time, it develops expressive, musical, motor and auditory skills. Live interactive music is used for each session as a fun and engaging way to help develop sense of rhythm, remembering/repeating patterns and recognition of musical cues. Last year we were able to reach over 300 children with specific needs through the art of dance! We hope to be able to expand the number of programs offered this season as well as to extend the number of sessions with each group. Our hope is to not only instill an immediate sense of joy and artistic expression, but to ignite an ongoing interest and desire for continued participation in dance and music and to encourage a more arts enriched lifestyle.

These two branches of our organization merge when our outreach participants are invited to perform on stage alongside our company dancers in the opening piece of each show. To get to share the joy of performing with our outreach dancers is such a meaningful experience all around and to share this kind of inclusion with our community is nothing short of magical!

Volunteer opportunities are available to assist with our fundraising events, performance events and outreach efforts.

In-kind merchandise and gift certificate donations are needed for both our January and July Silent Auctions.