Blue Grass Community Foundation is a public charity established by local citizens 50 years ago to encourage giving and improve the quality of life in Lexington and all the communites we serve.  The Community Foundation is a starting place for people who have always wanted to give and those who never knew they could. It's a place to bring ideas and take them forward.  By participating in the Community Foundation's efforts - whether it's On the Table, which brought more than 11,000 participants together  to listen and learn from each other, establishing a charitable fund, or supporting your favorite local causes in the GoodGiving Challenge - your involvement can lead to a stronger, more vibrant, more generous community for all.  Learn more at


Smiley Pete Publishing began as a single community publication in 1997. College buddies Chris Eddie and Chuck Creacy started Chevy Chaser Magazine while working as pizza delivery drivers. They got to know Lexington’s neighborhoods, and began hand-delivering magazines to local residents. 

Since then, Smiley Pete Publishing has become a growing family of print and online publications that specialize in locally focused content.  All Smiley Pete publications, initiatives and events have a common goal: to serve the needs and interests of readers, and to continue to make Lexington a community of diverse people and organizations who strive for positive change and great quality of life.