Seedleaf exists to nourish communities by growing and sharing food. For eleven years we have been working with our neighbors to increase the amount, affordability, nutritional value, and sustainability of food through our network of community gardens.

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Address: 501 W Sixth St Suite 250
Lexington, KY 40508
Phone Number: 859-967-8865
Since Seedleaf began in 2007, we have been able to accomplish the following with our community:

-Established 16 free, u-pick community gardens in food-insecure areas of Lexington.
-Educate and assist over 1,250 community members from all age groups, perspectives and backgrounds to grow and share food, and to compost food waste.
-Supported area youth with programming that provides a fun summer job and teaches skills and principles in agriculture, cooking, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.
-Diverted a portion of Lexington's landfill-bound waste by composting the kitchen scraps of neighbors and 32 Composting Partner restaurants.
-Established the Seedleaf Urban Farm that is focused on making more sustainably sourced food available in North Lexington and providing resources for others wanting to grow food.
Over 950 volunteers have helped Seedleaf work towards creating a more equitable food system and environmentally sustainable community in 2018! We could not do the work without them! Gardening activities start in April and continue until late fall, and we pick up compost year round. We also rely on volunteers to spread the word about Seedleaf's mission at tabling events. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers contact: