KyADAPT is the only organization in the state that exists solely to serve deaf and hard of hearing adults with other disabilities. We provide group and individual learning experiences to teach our clients to live safely and as independently as possible. We assist clients to obtain needed services from other agencies and to set and achieve personal goals. With the Housing Authority of Danville, we operate a small residential program. We are a Heart of Kentucky United Way Community Partner.

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Address: P.O. Box 1814
Danville, KY 40423
Phone Number: 859-619-1364
Fax: 859-209-4513
KyADAPT changes lives by giving those we serve a priceless gift--the gift of increased independence and self-sufficiency! Because of the assistance we provide, we have clients who are successfully living in their own apartments, clients who are preparing to do this, and other clients who are living more independently in other types of residences. We offer group learning experiences designed to teach and enhance clients' independent living skills, and in-home follow-up training to ensure that they fully understand, implement and maintain the skills learned in the group sessions. We also offer volunteer work opportunities so that our clients can give something back to the community which has so generously supported them. We sponsor monthly group activities for our clients and others like them to provide them with opportunities for social skills and language development and to dispel the loneliness and isolation which persons with disabilities too often experience. With the help of the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, we assist our clients who want to work to seek, obtain and maintain employment. Our staff and volunteers communicate with our clients in their preferred language (American Sign Language) so that we can fully understand--and help clients achieve--services they need and personal goals they set. We provide clients with ASL interpreters as needed and offer community sign language classes to groups interested in learning ASL.
KyADAPT needs volunteers for the following tasks:
(1) driving our clients to group learning experiences, group activities, volunteer work assignments, health care appointments, grocery stores, etc.
(2) working with clients in their homes to help them achieve individualized personal goals
(3) supervising clients during volunteer work experiences
(4) helping us spread the word about our organization and its work
(5) serving on KyADAPT committees (public relations, membership, fundraising, etc.)
(6) informing us of, and helping us access, fundraising activities and opportunities we may not know about
(7) helping us maintain the flower patch in front of our office (watering, weeding, etc.)