Helping Hounds Find Homes Inc

Helping Hounds Find Homes, Inc. promotes animal welfare by facilitating animal rescue efforts and organizing pet adoption events. HHFH provides transportation for homeless pets to no kill animal rescue organizations located in Kentucky, Chicago Illinois and Canada. HHFH provides veterinary care to improve the health of these homeless pets and to allow for them to legally cross state borders by obtaining rabies vaccinations and health certificates from a licensed veterinarian.

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Address: 122 East Pike Street
Cynthiana, KY 41031
Phone Number: 859-234-0002
Fax: 859-234-0031
Helping Hounds Find Homes, Inc ("HHFH") was formed in 2011 to assist the local animal shelter with overcrowding issues. HHFH promotes the adoptable pets through websites, social media and personal connections to secure the homeless pets placement with no kill animal rescue organizations or adoption into new homes. Since its formation, HHFH was secured placement of over 3,800 homeless pets into no kill animal rescue organizations. The impact of HHFH on the Flora Shropshire Animal Shelter is significant. The survival rate of cats as increased from less than 10% to over 60%. In 2017, only eleven (11) dgos were euthanized. Each year HHFH strives to assist finding placement of all homeless pets entering the flora Shropshire Animal Shelter so that no pets are euthanized.
Financial needs include:
1. Replacing dog kennels at an estimated cost of $5,000;
2. Purchasing 10 additional cat/kitten wire playments at an estimated cost of $1,600;
3. Funding for medical care for animals to legally cross state borders at an estimated annual cost of $14,375; and
4. Supplies for foster homes such as pet food, cleaning supplies, cat litter and puppy training pads.

Volunteers needed for:
1. Staffing and handling animals at adoption events;
2. Providing temporary foster homes;
3. Driving animals to meet no kill organizations; and
4. Socializing and handling the animals to be photographed.