Georgetown Child Development Center

We are a nonprofit childcare center in the heart of Georgetown, Kentucky. We have been serving parents and children since the 1970s. We use the Kentucky Early Childhood Standards and Teaching Strategies curriculum as our guides in developing lesson plans. We document each child's progress as they meet objectives on the developmental continuum laid out by Teaching Strategies beginning in our infant classrooms. Individualized goals for children are established based on the continuum.

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Address: 123 W. Clinton St
Georgetown, KY 40324
Phone Number: 502-863-1970
Fax: 502-863-0024
We believe quality early childhood education has a long-term impact on the success of a child. We work to not only prepare children for kindergarten but also ensure they have fun while learning.
We always need monetary donations to support our outside programs with the Living Arts and Science Center (and other entities) and classroom supplies.