Urban League of Lexington

The Urban League: LIVE | LEARN | LEAD

LIVE: Affordable Housing
Providing a safe and affordable place for families to live that allows students to focus on their academics.

LEARN: Youth and Workforce Development
Providing job training, college and career readiness, college scholarships and reducing youth violence.

LEAD: Advocating for equality and equity.
Developing leaders and advocating on behalf of low-income families for social and economic equality.

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Address: 148 DeWeese Street
Lexington, KY 40507
Website: http://www.ullex.org
Email: RSVP@ullexfay.org
Phone Number: 859-233-1561
Fax: 859-233-7260
The Urban League is a power house. We are a community advocate and partner who has provided $26,297,057 in affordable housing and 382 college scholarships (343 to elementary school students). Our work is EMPOWERING OUR COMMUNITY AND CHANGING LIVES!
Mentors for middle and high school students
Presenters for our college and career conference
Mock interview interviewers