Pride Community Services Organization

Pride Community Services Organization's vision is to create safe, inclusive spaces where every LGBTQ+ Kentuckian is celebrated and supported. We help to build communities that accept and celebrate each individual. We work to improve the lives of LGBTQ+ people, their families, friends, and allies in Central and Eastern Kentucky. We accomplish this by enhancing visibility, empowering community members, and educating the public about issues impacting this community.

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Address: 389 Waller Ave, Suite 100
Lexington, KY 40504
Matching Fund Source: PCSO Board
Phone Number: 859-253-3233
We help LGBTQ+ people in Central and Eastern Kentucky find connection, resources, and reassurance that they belong. We offer an open, welcoming space for people of different ages, genders, sexualities, races, abilities, and income levels to find their place within our incredibly diverse LGBTQ+ family. We never know who will contact us next looking for help, for information, for a welcome. Sometimes their needs are as simple as picking up a magazine or a pamphlet, but other times they are more complicated. In the past few months, the people coming to us for assistance have included a trans woman struggling to find employment to get the transportation she needed; a 10-year old lesbian to connect with other LGBTQ+ kids; teachers from a middle school to change the way they thought about providing safe space for LGBTQ+ kids on overnight field trips ; an elderly gay man to remain active in his community and to share his experiences with a younger generation. Fortunately, the PCSO provides a wide range of services to fill the diverse needs of our community.

The PCSO operates the only community-based LGBTQ+ Pride Center in Kentucky. At the PCSO Pride Center, we offer a welcoming drop-in space with wi-fi that is open 25 hours per week. The Center is stocked with information from a variety of community and LGBTQ+ organizations and houses an LGBTQ+ library with 2,000 titles (one of only two LGBTQ+ specific libraries in Kentucky). The Center is staffed with employees and/or volunteers to provide information, referrals, or just to lend a friendly ear when people call or visit the center looking for help. All services of the PCSO Pride Center are offered free of charge.

The PCSO hosts several groups at the Pride Center including a weekly Gay-Straight Alliance meeting for youth, a weekly discussion group for LGBTQ+ people with disabilities, a weekly support and discussion group for LGBTQ+ adults, a bi-monthly LGBTQ+ science fiction and horror discussion group, two monthly support and social groups for trans people, a monthly potluck and social group for LGBTQ+ people who are 50 or older, a seasonal acting troupe for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults, and a monthly group to help support people around coming out. Several other LGBTQ+ groups in our community also utilize the PCSO Pride Center as a free space to hold their regular meetings.

Besides operating the Pride Center, the PCSO is involved in several other activities that are critical to the visibility of the LGBTQ+ community and the education of the broader community to LGBTQ+ issues. We produce the annual Lexington Pride Festival and other community events with help from many wonderful volunteers. We also publish and distribute the only monthly LGBTQ+ magazine in Kentucky, the LinQ. With the help of our experienced board members and volunteers, the PCSO provides a number of educational/training workshops including programming on healthy relationships for teens and adults in the LGBTQ+ community; professional development programming for service providers covering LGBTQ+ specific interpersonal violence; programming on LGBTQ+ needs in public schools for parents, students, and teachers and school administrators. We also provide speakers and workshops for community organizations, agencies, and schools to provide education on the needs and barriers to services for LGBTQ+ people and to share resources to help overcome these barriers.

In addition to these programs and services, the PCSO attends community events to distribute information to the LGBTQ+ community and to promote public awareness of LGBTQ+ issues. Finally, we also serve as a fiscal sponsor for small and emerging LGBTQ+ organizations in the region.
Volunteers are integral to the work we do at the PCSO. Currently we need volunteers for the following jobs/projects:

Staffing the Pride Center - answering phones, data entry, filing, general office work;
Advertising assistant for LinQ magazine;
Delivering LinQ magazine to area businesses the 1st week of every month;
Assisting with the production of Bluegrass Pink Pages;
Staffing informational tables at area events;
Planning and putting on the annual Lexington Pride Festival;
Assisting with social media;
Organizing and maintaining Pride Center information, inventory, and resource lists;
Cleaning the Pride Center.

We always appreciate in-kind resources. Our current needs include:
Guest chairs for main room of the Pride Center;
A larger refrigerator;
Books, CDs, DVDs, and other media, written or produced by or related to the LGBTQ+ community;
Cleaning supplies;
Office supplies;
A vacuum cleaner;
A monthly cleaning service.